XAMPP on a USB key

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XAMPP on a USB key

Postby vigoo » 08. March 2010 18:35

Hello everyone,

Voila I would like to know if its possible to install XAMPP on a USB key
sorry for my english, i am translate via google... :lol:

thank you for your help and support @+
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Re: XAMPP on a USB key

Postby Altrea » 08. March 2010 19:32

yes, it's possible to install XAMPP on an USB-Stick.
After downloading and extracting it on the USB Stick, start setup_xampp.bat (if it don't start automatically).
There you will be ask, if you want to install it portable or not.
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Re: XAMPP on a USB key

Postby dkeays » 09. March 2010 04:53

In the last couple years I've used XAMPP on the "portable app" (http://portableapps.com) and put XAMPP on a USB with the same directory structure ("/XAMPP") and clicked on the "xampp_start.exe".
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