xampp and its features help pleas.

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xampp and its features help pleas.

Postby mech1803 » 04. March 2010 12:59

I just wondered if someone could help me set up mercury for local uses with another mail app like pegasus or mozilla thunderbird, and I wondered if there is possible to host my own website and domain on my own server with Xampp without using any registars.
I aslo wondered how to set up Filezilla.
any stepp by step guids would be great.
I have been searching around for streight 2 days on google and cant find anything that i am looking for
Pleas I realy need some help here .
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Re: xampp and its features help pleas.

Postby cthackers » 05. March 2010 08:49

I'll take it backwards.

3. filezilla you can set as a service by checking the SVC checkbos, then go to it's admin tool (the Admin button available as soon as the service is running) and there in Edit menu, you have Users, where you can manage the users (name, password, bandwidth limit, their home folder and access rights). That is pretty easy to set up.

2. yes, you can set a website and a domain of your own on your computer with xampp but you need a name server.

1. i don't know about this one, never tried to use the mercury server :oops:
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Re: xampp and its features help pleas.

Postby WilliL » 05. March 2010 22:28

if you understand a little German, try http://www.selbstverwaltung-bundesweit.de/mercuryhilfe.pdf
it's a simple start up to get mercury work for local tests.
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