xampp & tomcat addon start/stop

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xampp & tomcat addon start/stop

Postby seralf » 22. February 2010 00:13


i'm experimenting some little issues on the last xampp for windows installation+tomcat add-on: first of all i've notice that the button for tomcat does nothing.
So i've tried a manual startup of tomcat (not as a service: i need to use xampp portable) from tomcat_start, but still nothing.
As i look for error logs of apache and tomcat configuration files i notice that some configuration goes wrong.
I copy here some fixed configuration files, hope this will be useful to others. Please fix the buttons too, as i'm using xampp for some courses and i need a simple way to use php and tomcat for my students, thanks! :-)



in the file /xampp/tomcat/conf/auto/mod_jk.conf (autogenerated from setup_xampp), i used these settings instead of generated ones:
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<IfModule !mod_jk.c>
  LoadModule jk_module "/xampp/apache/modules/mod_jk.so"

JkWorkersFile "/xampp/tomcat/conf/jk/workers.properties"
JkLogFile "/xampp/tomcat/logs/mod_jk.log"

then i added this line on top of tomcat_start.bat and tomcat_stop.bat:
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Re: xampp & tomcat addon start/stop

Postby MC10 » 22. February 2010 01:27

When you installed the addon, did you run the .exe or just extract the .zip?
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Re: xampp & tomcat addon start/stop

Postby seralf » 02. March 2010 16:38

I extract the zip file, and run the setup_xampp to make it portable.
Even if i ask to make it portable without drive letters, i've notice that if someone starts tomcat first, then apache, for some reason the configuration in /xampp/tomcat/conf/auto/mod_jk.conf fails on an absolute path.
Correcting with the relative path it works: i think it could be some minor bug or similar... the only thing that seems to generate the problem is in starting tomcat before starting apache.
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