new version of XAMPP for Solaris?

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new version of XAMPP for Solaris?

Postby bmwaugh » 26. January 2010 04:35

Are there any plans for a newer release of XAMPP for Solaris? The reason I ask is that our site runs the EVAN/Foundstone network vulnerability scanner, and it always flags our installation of the beta version (0.9) of XAMPP for Solaris, saying that its PHP version 5.2.6 has "high-risk vulnerabilites". Also the Apache version 2.2.9 is deemed by EVAN/Foundstone to have some "medium-risk vulnerabilities". So, any plans for an XAMPP for Solaris that would include PHP version 5.2.11 and Apache 2.2.14 (or later)? I just thought I might as well ask. Thanks.
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