XAMPP + VHosts and ISP Block?

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XAMPP + VHosts and ISP Block?

Postby Primm » 18. January 2010 12:50

Hello, I have had XAMPP installed for quite awhile. I just just running my personal website and my roomates on it. It was all going well, until recently.

We switched ISPs, and now our server does not work. This is very bad, because we use this for school. I think it is because our new ISP blocks port 80.

Is there anyway that we can get around this and still keep our Virtual Host? He likes to have his own domain and so do I.

Thank you.
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Re: XAMPP + VHosts and ISP Block?

Postby Izzy » 18. January 2010 21:33

No much real detail to go on to sort out your issue effectively.

What version of XAMPP and which Windows OS?

Have you both got registered domain names from a domain name registrar?

If so did you change the IP at the registrar to point the domain to your new ISP assigned IP?

How do you know that your ISP blocks port 80 for certain?

Which ISP and I may be able to find out?

Please post as much details as possible so that a solution can be offered.
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