CSS pages not refreshing, beer is refreshing

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CSS pages not refreshing, beer is refreshing

Postby bullquartz » 08. December 2009 09:02

Hi, i have searched this forum & search engines for an answer to the problem detailed below but have not found a solution so i apologise if it's already been addressed... also, I'm sure this is a problem that only a noob/hack such as myself could come up with but here it is...

Im using the latest version of XAMPP in conjuction with Dreamweaver 8.0. When I preview edits to XHTML pages (in Chrome/Firefox/IE) everything works beautifully: I can see the changes just made and also the corresponding testing server files in /xampp/htdocs are automatically refreshed/updated. I feel inner peace. However when i make changes to any .css files, nothing is updated in the tesing server (/xampp/htdocs) and therefore no changes can be observed on the related html pages. No amount of cache clearing, browser refreshing, xampp restarting or beer drinking seems to make a difference. Actually i lie, the beers do make a difference after a while.

I have been working on the same website on another almost identical computer with the same xampp/dreamweaver setup and i don't experience this problem.

Any help with this would be sorely appreciated as it's a real pain to have to manually copy/paste stylesheets to /htdocs everytime I make an edit.

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