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MercuryMail help

Postby tinkertron » 07. December 2009 04:19

Is there any type of help with the added SMTP? I don't know one thing about how to run this service. All I know is that if I want to protect my site from email spammer I would need to run my own SMTP, i'm I right? If so, can someone help me on setting up my Mercury Mail service?
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Re: MercuryMail help

Postby maeg » 08. December 2009 07:45

I need that help too

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Re: MercuryMail help

Postby Izzy » 08. December 2009 08:00

maeg wrote:I need that help too

Missing support info - what XAMPP version and which Windows OS?
So assuming latest stable XAMPP version and Windows Vista.

Read the help files in \xampp\MercuryMail folder:

There is also a very good web site with a forum for more help if needed, these links are to be found in the mercury.hlp file.
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