Running Xampp behind a router

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Running Xampp behind a router

Postby erik240 » 05. December 2009 11:35

Hi; this isn't strictly about Xampp but I was reading some other threads and you folks seem to know a LOT!

I have a NETGEAR router, and I set up port-fowarding on the router config screens and XAMPP worked fine. I came back today and it stopped working. I eventually figured it out, the IP assigned to my computer somehow changed from to -- I'm not really sure why.

To make Xampp work again I had to reset the port forwarding to this new address. Now its all peachy. My question is ... a) why did that address change? How do I prevent that from happening again? Or is there a way to make it auto-update?

Thanks for any help,
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Re: Running Xampp behind a router

Postby Stepke-DSL » 07. December 2009 07:58

I think you configured your PC to use DHCP, so the IP can change every time you start your PC.
To solve this problem just set a static IP on your PC.
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