Einige js-scritps laufen nicht

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Einige js-scritps laufen nicht

Postby tpk » 23. November 2009 14:23


on my Xampp-Installation on Windows 7 the following code of a Captcha does not work (the grafics are not displayed):

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<img id="__code__" src="/code/code.php?id=<?= 1258981700 ?>" style="border:1px solid silver;  margin-top: 5px;" /><br>
<a href="no_matter" onclick="document.getElementById('__code__').src = '/code/code.php?id=' + ++ts; return false" ><b>&raquo;Code nicht lesbar</a>

Also the MP3 Player of


doesn't work.

On my online server both work flawlessly.

What could be the problem?

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Re: Einige js-scritps laufen nicht

Postby Wiedmann » 23. November 2009 15:07

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e.g. this must be:
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<?php echo
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