New xampplite-win32-x.x.x.exe package

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New xampplite-win32-x.x.x.exe package

Postby nimd4 » 19. August 2009 23:22

I've been unable to find a topic, or some info on this?.. The new xampplite-win32-1.7.2.exe package has been changed from 7-Zip to the WinZIP format and there's a huge size difference (due to compression), now. Perhaps someone might have some information on this, because it has switched over from a free format to a paid one... Tnx for your time.
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Re: New xampplite-win32-x.x.x.exe package

Postby Wiedmann » 19. August 2009 23:37

Perhaps someone might have some information on this

What exactly do you want to know?
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