How to make XAMMP internet server

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How to make XAMMP internet server

Postby CaptainCanada » 07. June 2009 23:09

so far i have xammp accesible only locally with how do i make it so i can access it on the internet from another computer?
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Re: How to make XAMMP internet server

Postby aj123cd » 08. June 2009 08:06

Edit the httpd.conf (Xampp/apache/conf/httpd)

Open the httpd and edit the lines where it says ‘ServerName local host: 80 OR ServerName 80’, Replace the local host to registered DNS name, or its IP address.

If you want to display your index.html, you need to remove the index.html from htdocs folder.
Open index.php and remove all the php commands.
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Re: How to make XAMMP internet server

Postby SamuelRMello » 15. June 2009 20:20

I am in a little LAN and want xampp (Apache) to serve on that LAN area (4 machines at home).
I have a domain which is hosted by HostRocket - an external server - and would like to use localhost with xampp as test server for a site in Joomla! running on the above mentioned external server.
So, I cannot give to xampp my site's DNS name or IP.
And I don't know how to find the individual IP addresses of each of the machines in our lan.
Could you help on that?
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