Newbie help required please

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Newbie help required please

Postby willydoit » 27. May 2009 17:29

Hi all,
I have a small network configuration of 6 windows and vista machines which includes a system running server 2003 which houses our data files, having just started working with dreamweaver cs4 and working with some php files I am looking to set up a local testing station and thought XAMPP would fit the bill, I have next to no knowledge of configuring the server for hosting but nonetheless I have so far installed XAMPP on the server in C:\xampp , following an install tutorial off the net I have changed the httpd.conf file to listen 1280 due to the conflict with IIS listening on port 80 and apache and mysql appear to be running.

Now to my ignorance, how do I configure things so that I can access any websites I place in the htdocs folder from other stations on the network as a testing server for dreamweaver, previously such files were accesed by sharing the main webroot folder and mapping this folder as a drive on each system, basic but it worked for what we needed at that point, now that I want to expand things to php files I need to set up this testing facility for the php and mysql for dreamweaver.

Any help would be appreciated and I apologise in advance if the answers are already in the forum but my current knowledge level in this area means I dont even know what to search for.

Quick update,I can access files from network stations now via browser, forgot to append the :1280 but cannot access live views in dreamweaver cs4, suspect that the testing server data is incorrect somewhere, it is currently set as testing server folder = Z:\htdocs\Bridlington_net\ (z: is the mapped drive from c:\xampp on the server) and the url prefix is set to http://data-server:1280/ ( I have tried appending /htdocs and also /htdocs/bridlington_net but neither work) I basically get an Object not found 404 error.

Thanks in advance
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