Can't access "php.ini"

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Can't access "php.ini"

Postby Drezek » 24. May 2009 04:49

i goto C:\xampp\apache\bin and its not there im not sure how i make it appear
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Re: Can't access "php.ini"

Postby Sharley » 24. May 2009 05:21

To find out where the php.ini file that is being used
(because you have not provided the XAMPP version you have installed)
go to:
http://localhost/xampp/phpinfo.php in your browser and look for this line and it will tell you where to locate the php.ini currently in use by XAMPP.
Loaded Configuration File

The php.ini file location depends now on your XAMPP version.

So now it is very important to let us know what XAMPP version and which OS you are using to save reply time when troubleshooting an issue.
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Re: Can't access "php.ini"

Postby trunk » 24. May 2009 20:20

On a typical installation the php.ini is at
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