LIBMYSQL.dll error.

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LIBMYSQL.dll error.

Postby jasonmitchell » 19. April 2009 12:08

After installing XAMPP and opening the required ports (80 and 3306) i keep getting an "Access Violation at address 10009F40 in module 'LIBMYSQL.dll'. Read of address 00000000".

I am running (or at least trying to) XAMPP on my Laptop (vista) and Desktop (win xp).
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Re: LIBMYSQL.dll error.

Postby rhiseley » 07. May 2009 18:54

I was getting a LIBMYSQL.dll error on startup. MYSQL admin dialog box would open, then close with a traffic light icon appearing on the lower right bar. Then I would get the LIBMYSQL.dll error message. I would click ok, message would disappear then appear again. If I did nothing then the error message would continue to repeat it self. To close down the error message I would have to right click the traffic light icon then left click "win nt" then left click "remove this tool". Then repeat right click on traffic light icon, left click "win nt" then left click "shutdown this tool. This would shutdown the error message for the session but I would have to repeat this procedure every time I started the computer. Computer is a HP laptop running XP.

My Solution. Under START - ALL PROGRAMS - STARTUP there was a link to MYSQLADMIN. I removed this link and I stopped getting the LIBMYSQL.dll error on start up.
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