Apachie httpd.conf question

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Apachie httpd.conf question

Postby pspreston » 14. March 2009 18:36


New user question.....

In the httpd.conf file for apache, when the "Documentroot" & "Directory" are set to C:/xampp/htdocs I'm able to connect to the Xampp for windows welcome screen from the internet. I use a dynDNS for a free dynamic address and do port forwarding on my router. I'm running windows server 2008 with NO roles installed

Now, if I change the above httpd.conf settings to c:/publicwww/gallery2/ I can only connect from my local network. Even if I type in the dynamic dns address it's change to the local machine's IP address.

Sorry if this has been answered a million times. I did a search and couldn't find anything.
Any help would be GREAT

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