MySQL has been updated to 5.1.31

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MySQL has been updated to 5.1.31

Postby tokyobaka » 05. February 2009 06:23

Maybe it could help with some issues since MySQL was upgraded from 5.0 to 5.1. I know it is quite complicated to update Xampp by myself with a component like MySQL (it was very easy to update phpMyAdmin to 3.1.2). Maybe in the next Xampp 1.7.0 pl1 beta 6?

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Re: MySQL has been updated to 5.1.31

Postby Izzy » 05. February 2009 06:29

XAMPP full version releases always contain the current available versions of it's included components at time of compile, but not always in patch releases and it really only takes a read of the ApacheFriends Home Page to find this out. wrote:XAMPP for Windows 1.7.0-pl1 is a bug fix release only (if you don't have any problems, there is no need to upgrade from 1.7.0)
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