Trying to install Xampp on New Ubuntu Installation

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Trying to install Xampp on New Ubuntu Installation

Postby Artaudo » 14. January 2009 21:12

Hello everyone ....

Well, I have been at this since 8am and it is now 12:30 here. I am not qualified to write Linux programs, but I've been around the IT/Web Scritping world and I am at my limit. I had no problems installing Ubuntu, after a long ordeal of trying to find a fricking forgotten password for fricking XP that ended with me wiping the whole hard drive and installing Ubuntu. I know to have been a good choice ... :D However:

I am sitting at the school library trying to
1) Install Xampp or in this Case Lampp. I have been watching Youtube tutorials that are obviously for people other than me. I have decided to skip "Everything" I had to do today in order to get this running. I've got clients to see and I am laptopless. :|

I've got the xampp-linux-1.7.tar.gz file on a flash drive on the laptop with the new Ubuntu 8.10 installation. Usually when you install a windows operating system, everything is pretty much plug and play. Everytime I try to drag the tar.gz file into the /opt I get this message:

Error opening file '/root/xampp-linux-1.7.tar.gz': Permission Denied

So we're off to the races. I'm trying to think to myself "Self - What the hell next ..."
Self says, check out some forums. So I go to:

They very cryptically explain: Go to a Linux shell and login as the system administrator root:
su :?:

Well, since I am clueless about Linux to begin with, and as equally inexperienced with Ubuntu I have no clue what this implies. So I go to some other forums. Eventually I learn I have to go into System>Administration>Users and Groups . I go here and try to unlock the /root. I press on this option to unlock by first enting my own password into the Authenticat window. This appears to work as root no longer looks frozen. So I right click on this to set my own password, and make the appropriate changes, and hit 'ok'. This appears to be the end of the issue, no more bells and whistles, so I go over the Applications>Accessories>Terminal and enter 'su' , like the good folks at suggested I do. It prompts me to enter my own password now, that I am asuming is the New Password I entered into the new root properties options that I 'Think" has been saved. It returns a root@Launch:/home/artaudo# (artaudo being my username).

Now is here that I am attepmting to drag and drop the appropriate file into /opt. After minimizing the terminal script. I get the same *^&% message ...Permission Denied. :(

There is an Ubuntu forum that pointed out the following also:

su: Authentication failure"

Do Code: sudo -s instead.

Go to System -> Administration->Users and Groups
Select root and then click unlock
Then it will ask you to enter your user password
After that you would be able to set a password for your root by clicking on properties tab

After that go to terminal and type
Code: su and enter the newly setup password for root

In any case I am still getting denied.

So, I finally find a link to a forum, that includes a link to a video .... what a concept ...only the video is about a 7.04 installation of Ubuntu. :idea: It's Cool though, this option uses the 'updating the repository' and then letting Ubuntu do the installation for you. Only problem is Wireless is not working.

It is about here that I am glazing over and my head is about to explode from seeing so many Bad Youtube videos that are pixalted or in Brazillain or something. That takes us over to the Ubuntu forum again, where I am about to post this very same posting on their site. It seems their Site Manager has not approved my profile yet... and so I'm posting it here.

Really my goal today was to get Xampp intalled, get the additional GStreamer Codecs to do some homework from a DVD. And THEN and only then play with this wireless stuff ...but since we are on the topic ....

Here is the best description of m laptop: :arrow: ... iew=816450

I understand this thing is still going for a couple thousand bucks.... I know you could do better, especially more RAM, but it has WIFI. I am used to this stuff just starting to search. I do Understand that opensource also means you may need to go find some drivers. There is still an Aweful lot of rumage in the Linux Wilderness in order to get my poor little laptop configured with Xamp and wireless. :D Help ...
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Re: Trying to install Xampp on New Ubuntu Installation

Postby Kutakizukari » 18. January 2009 05:41

HOWTO: Setup easy web development environment (XAMPP)
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Re: Trying to install Xampp on New Ubuntu Installation

Postby glitzi85 » 19. January 2009 17:23

Simple installation tutorial:

Booting up Ubuntu and open up a terminal (can be found somewhere in the Applications Bar). Now execute this commands:

Code: Select all
cd ~
sudo tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.tar.gz -C /opt
sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

That's it. Here a short description what the commands do:

The first command changes into your Home-Directory. Just to make sure you have the right to save the download file there. The next command will execute the wget programm. This is used to download stuff from the internet with a command line. If it is not installed (wget not found), then download XAMPP with your Browser and save it to /home/YOURUSERNAME, then just skip the wget step. Then the archive is extracted, using sudo. The su command is not working in Ubuntu, as the root password is unknown. For unexperienced users that is the better solution. It would be possible to use su in Ubuntu, but you wont need that. The last command just start's up XAMPP. If you get any error messages from this command, then post them here.

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