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Re: Emails sit in queue folder, never sent - RESOLVED

Postby Izzy » 13. January 2009 03:16

max7 wrote:FYI, it did resolve the HELO/Authentication issue; I know this because I have sent a number of emails out using my scripts and our IP has not yet been blacklisted on CBL . . . yet 8)

The only reason I would do a reinstall at this point is in attempt to resolve the module swap problem I encounted where Mercury would crash upon start up . . . and I would resinstall 1.70 not 1.68.

Thanks for your hard work as well, Izzy. Greatly appreciated! :D
You're most welcome and thanks for posting back that the HELO issue has finally been resolved successfully.

On the reinstall issue and if it helps to seed ideas, I still use 1.6.8 as this version is heavily customized for me, but I also have a vanilla 1.6.8 in xampp1 folder which is an out of the box 7zip version that has absolutely no customizing at all.

I also have a vanilla 7zip version of 1.7.0 in xampp2 that also has had absolutely no customizing carried out so I can troubleshoot this version and keep my 1.6.8 intact.

I keep these versions on my PC so as I can help troubleshoot members problems on the forum and for testing recommended solutions - also I install to xampp3 any older version that may have issues for members so again I can perhaps investigate a suitable solution.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you can only ever run one instance of XAMPP at a time and using the 7zip or zip versions is guaranteed that there will be no registry insertion carried out when extracting the archive.

Again, well done, you must now have honed your investigating skills very much and of course had a lot of fun in the process. :)
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