Newbie with Xampp and Specifically TomCat

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Newbie with Xampp and Specifically TomCat

Postby ptmuldoon » 08. January 2009 22:56


I hope I don't sound to much like a newbie :) I've used Wamp for the past few years, and have self taught myself a decent amount of php, but still no expert at it. But I'm completely lost at how to use a run a javaserver.

I think I've done everything correct so far, but I have no idea on how you would install various java applications onto the server. I found a couple of games I'd like to try out locally, and then maybe offer to my website's users going forward.

Can anyone maybe give some basics with Xampp and TomCat on how you install and then use various applications? To get setup, so far, I have.

1. Installed Xammp
2. Installed from Sun's site; java_ee_sdk-5_06-windows.exe
3. Installed the Tom Cat addon

I can access the Java Admin Console, but from there I'm complete lost, even if that is the correct approach to install/add any applications. The current game has a couple of jar files. Do I just "Deploy" them from the Admin Console?

I'd like all of this be available eventually on either port 80 or perhaps 8080 so that my users have access to other areas of my site is all done in php.

Can any help out a newbie?
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Re: Newbie with Xampp and Specifically TomCat

Postby Sharley » 08. January 2009 23:05

Is there any help for your issues in this recent topic?
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