Xampp and cURL

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Xampp and cURL

Postby noelt » 10. November 2008 23:16

i know there aren't many people here that use xampp on solaris but i'm hoping someone can help me.

i've installed xampp and have had it running for quite some time. now the dev guys are telling me they need cURL running. the only doc's i see are always based on windows.

the config string doesn't show the --with-curl stuff so obviously it's not getting installed. has anyone else had this problem because from what i've read it should just work.

i'm running solaris 8 on a sun 480R / 4 X 900MHz / 8GB RAM
i've install the curl package trying to get it to work and all of the libraries that it needed but still nothing.

any help would be great.

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Xampp and cURL

Postby AitemaPa » 10. June 2013 08:02


I bought a Mandriva Flash thinking the Apache server as well as PHP and MySQL were installed. But they arent.

So I thought the shortest way to do install those packages is to install the XAMPP package.

XAMPP installed fine but when I started, MySQL remained desactivated.

Anyone knows what to do?
Or is there is simpler way to install Apache PHP and MySQL?

Thanks in advance.
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