Problem running xampp with Vista Home Edition

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Problem running xampp with Vista Home Edition

Postby robpine » 09. September 2008 11:29

The OS for my new computer is Vista Home Premium.

I wish to use xampp so I can create websites using Joomla 1.5.

I have downlaoded xampp 1.6.7 (installer version) and run the install program which seems to have worked perfectly. I have ensured that UAC has been turned off.

As recommended I hace not installed xampp to the programs folder, but installed it at C:\xampp.

I find that when I run xampp through the xampp controller that mySQL says 'running', but Apache, does not run and, if I swipe the area where the light green 'running' indicator should appear, I actually see the word 'stopped'. As a consequence of Apache not running I am unable to access http://localhost/

I have uninstalled xampp and reinstalled it at least half a dozen times with the same result.

As a xampp ingenue I am completely stumped! Please, does anyone have any ideas?
Rob Pine
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Postby Mr. Catdriver » 09. September 2008 11:58

I dont use windows! But it sounds like a firewall or UAC problem! If you have a firewall too, turn the firewall also off! (Only for the installation)
Mr. Catdriver
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