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new to xampp

Postby assainator » 24. August 2008 19:03

well, i'm new to xampp and apache.
i installed xampp smoothly, started mysql and apache without a problem, but now comes the question:
how do i initialize apache? so i can code in it.

thanks for any help you can give.

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Postby glitzi85 » 25. August 2008 19:50


first it would be interesting what you already know? Do you know how to write HTML? And do you know any type of Programming Language?

For the very first beginning go to the directory where you installed xampp. If you installed it to C:\xampp, then go into this directory:


there you create a folder (name doesn't matter), for example "test". Be careful with upper- and lowercase, it is very important! Inside this folder you create a textfile and name it to index.html. Be sure that it is an html file and not hiding it's extension. To ensure this open a Explorer Window (NOT Internet Explorer) and in the Menu go to Tools -> Folder Options, in the Tab View you search in the List for the Point "Hide Extensions for known file types" and uncheck this, if checked. If after that your file is named like index.html.txt, then rename it to index.html.
Now open that file in a Text Editor (for example Notepad) and type whatever you want.
Now open your Browser and type http://localhost/test/ as the address. The content of your index file will be displayed.

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Postby assainator » 26. August 2008 07:27

well i know htmlfor 90%, i'm learning php fast now, and i know how to code xml for the game: empire at war (forces of corruption)

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Postby LooseCannon » 26. August 2008 13:07

Hello assainator, here's some study material for you:


Full reference material

Note that once the Apache service is running, it just waits for an "http" call to arrive at the host ip, hence port 80. That's what glitzi85 is setting up a basic test for. Initialising Apache with XAMPP is just a matter of ticking the box on the Control Panel. Same for MySQL, which you don't actually need in order serve a web page with PHP code that wants to interact with a database.
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