Why i can'nt change port for Apache in XAMP ?.

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Why i can'nt change port for Apache in XAMP ?.

Postby junzennt » 01. August 2008 04:07

Because i'm using windows XP, on my own OS i run IIS (in port 80). I need change port of apache as 8080. I've been change port for apache in httpd.conf (80 -> 8080), but when i run xampp-control.exe, start apache not run. Screen message:

Apache started [Port 80]

I don't understand :shock: ,when i've been change 8080, apache not change. :evil:
Help me !. :cry:
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Postby glitzi85 » 01. August 2008 15:44

I guess you changed ServerName xxx:80 to ServerName xxx:8080, correct? In this case you should change the correct setting, which is named Listen.

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Re: Why i can'nt change port for Apache in XAMP ?.

Postby onlyconnect » 01. August 2008 22:47

junzennt wrote:BUSY...
Apache started [Port 80]

Actually this is just a bug in the control applet.

I fixed this in the version here:


Set the Apache port in XAMPP.INI.

NB this doesn't change the port Apache listens on, but it does fix a few things in the control applet.

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