need your help

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need your help

Postby zaina » 16. June 2008 19:52

first of all i am newbie in your forume and i hope to get waht iam looking for

sorry for speaking in english language but i hope to understand me and work togather

iam doing my senior project which is dealling with java me and java ee
i will tell you my project idea brieflly

my project is for student online academic registration which is dealing with mobile and server

by this system the student can view his/her academic profile depending of his choice so when he select the current sceduhle in his mobile and press connect after he enters his ID the mobile will connect to the server database and get the response then send it to the requested mobile

i did poth side programming by using servlet and i created the database the student needs by mysql Xampp.

the problem occure when i came to test the application on my pc even i used only the emulator in the netbeans environment only so i will not use actual mobile for tested so the server and the client will be in the same place so no need for ststic ip to enter the server.....the problem is when i run tow of these sides and press connect in the mobile , an alert message is appeared whic tell me that " mysql database access deniad to the user ????@???? ( password: No )"

then no information will be recieved by the mobile

so i will be so happy if there is any body know the solution becouse i have to submit my system on theresday.

pleas need your help
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Postby brduran » 22. June 2008 02:50

You might need to assign a Root password to MySql first, then create more accounts.

Check this link and scroll down to A Matter Of Security
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