xampp 1.6.5 and web services problem with vista?

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xampp 1.6.5 and web services problem with vista?

Postby trabakoulas » 01. February 2008 18:00


I use xampp 1.6.5 on vista.
Apache seems to be working ok
The problem is I can't get a simple "Hello world" web service with SOAP extension to run...
I tried it on a friend's pc, on ubuntu and it worked fine (he was not using xampp)

Here's the service, client and wsdl script, it's samisa's example
The only change I've made is changing the service location address in the wsdl file.

The service doesn't seem to run at all
That's what I get when running the client
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\helloclient.php on line 11

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
SOAP extension is enabled of course

PS. I'm new to php and web services so be gentle plz.... :roll:
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Re: xampp 1.6.5 and web services problem with vista?

Postby trabakoulas » 19. April 2008 20:52

I've found what the problem was, so I'd thought I'd share for anyone else who's having the same problem

Well, the thing is that vista use an IPv6-based TCP/IP stack.
The localhost machine alias is, by default, aliased to the ::1 IPv6 loopback address.
Any attempt to open a soapserver url using localhost to refer to the current machine causes the web browser to hang.
I'm not sure really but I think this means that soapserver is lacking proper ipv6 support.
The localhost machine name does not work because Vista resolves localhost to the IP v6 ::1 loopback address.

And here's a simple solution to the problem :)

The mapping of localhost to IP address is performed by this file:
Code: Select all

The hosts file contains these two lines when Windows Vista is initially installed:
Code: Select all localhost
::1 localhost

First, make a backup copy of your hosts file:
Code: Select all
copy %windir%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts %temp%\hosts.bak

Then edit the hosts file (see this link for instructions). There are two options:

1. Remove or comment out the "::1 localhost" line. Moving it down is not sufficient, as Windows Vista prioritizes IPv6 before IPv4.
2. A safer technique: insert additional lines using your own unique hostname at the end of the hosts file:
Code: Select all myhost          # newly inserted line

Then use myhost instead of localhost in your test URL

The second technique is considered safer, because removing localhost may affect IPv6-aware Vista programs that reference localhost.

I found about this on a site about another server, but this seems to be the case for soap services using soapserver/client as well
Since Windows Server 2008 also use an IPv6-based TCP/IP stack, you'd also have the same problem there.

Anyway, I really think this should be noted on the documentation.
Personally I couldn't locate the problem that easily... :/
So, hope this helps others and saves them the trouble I've had
Cheers :)
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