access violation

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access violation

Postby Adrian101 » 14. February 2008 14:23

when I start the admin panel from the xampp control I get the following error message popping up again and again until i shut down that tool.

access violation at address 10002593 in module 'LIBMYSQL.dll'. Read of address.

Any suggestions about how I might fix this?
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Postby Izzy » 15. February 2008 03:32

A search in the Forum: XAMPP for Windows under the Category: Apache Friends in English using the keyword violation revealed several possible solutions.

The above thread seem to relate to having Skype on port 80 and the Windows hosts file having this IPv6 entry:
::1 localhost
which can be safely deleted.
Just drag the file into your text editor to view and edit.

But check out all the posts from the above search if the IPv6 fix has no effect.
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