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Problem with XAMPP

Postby Samual » 14. February 2008 14:26


I am Samual, I have installed XAMPP 1.6.6 Win32 Basic Package on Vista Home Premium and i have a problem. First of all when ever i try to install XAMPP and it has finished a message comes up stating 'Port 80 or 443 (SSL) already in use! Installing Apache2.2 service failed! and another problem is when ever i click Admin for MySql a message stating 'Access Violation at address 10002593 in module 'LIBMYSQL.dll' Read of address 00000000.'

I have ADSL and my router make is netgear DG834GT.

:? Please help me.

Thank You,
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Postby Izzy » 17. February 2008 04:42

Samual wrote:... a message comes up stating 'Port 80 or 443 (SSL) already in use! ...

Did you find out what is using those ports that XAMPP needs to have exclusive access to?
Right click on xampp-portcheck.exe in the xampp installation directory and select to 'Run as Administrator' but make sure you are logged in to Vista as an administrator and before trying to start any of the XAMPP modules.

Usually IIS (MS Internet Information Server - Windows web server), Skype, and MySpaceIM are known to use these ports and it would require you to configure any of those programs that are using the XAMPP ports to use other ports that are available to them.
(It is also possible to configure XAMPP to use other ports but for ease of using the XAMPP server it would be best if you configured the other port users)

For the MySQL error, don't use the Admin... button in the Control Panel as winmysqladmin is deprecated. Use phpMyAdmin instead accessible from the Welcome Page menu at http://localhost when you have installed and have XAMPP working.

BTW if you are constantly reinstalling XAMPP by overwriting the previous xampp installation directory then you will have problems.

Each time, you must uninstall properly, by stopping any XAMPP modules and running services, including the Control Panel, then run the uninstall command, then check and make sure the previous attempted installed xampp directory is deleted.

Then you can try installing again to a root directory of a drive or partition, C:\ for example - not to a directory with a space in the name, C:\Program Files for example as this has known permission issues in Vista.

This link has some more advanced fixes that might also be of use: ... 772#113772
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