xampp_restart remove beep

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xampp_restart remove beep

Postby dawez » 30. January 2008 12:46


I would like to know if is possible to disable the BEEP that is coming out when I issue a xampp_restart command.

I am using a Dell 620 laptop and there is almost no way of disabling hardware beep which is of course played ad full volume.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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Postby Izzy » 30. January 2008 13:00

This has nothing to do with XAMPP but is a system setting.

You did not include your OS so can only guess.

In XP you would configure the System's sound settings from the Windows Control Panel under Sounds and Audio Devices.

An Internet search using your favorite search engine will help you configure these settings or just use the ? symbol for context help - it is quite simple to configure really.
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Postby dawez » 30. January 2008 13:08

Hi Izzy,

yep my OS is XP. I checked already on Internet and this is a long story problem with the beep of Dell. I tried ALL solution posted so far but still the beep is coming out.

I checked more carefully and the beep is emitted by the mysql stop. So I added the line

net stop beep

to the script that is launching mysqlstop and not the beep service is killed so no more noise !

Thank anyway for the answer that was helping me to look for a correct solution !

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