Libeay32.dll -- What's the "correct" version?

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Libeay32.dll -- What's the "correct" version?

Postby LovinItAll » 24. January 2008 20:13

I have been fighting this problem for days now. Here's the deal:

- The official Libeay32.dll distributed with PHP 5.2.5 from is v.

When I run recursive scripts, I often receive a cgi/fastcgi error using this version of libeay32.dll

- Somehow I got libeay32.dll on my system when I installed Xampp. When I run my script using this version of libeay32.dll, I NEVER get the error.

Using, it seems that php-cgi.exe will open several instance (processes) while running. This behavior doesn't occur using

There is a software vendor who is insisting that .9.8.5 is the official release and that there is no .9.8.7. I know I'm not crazy, but I can't find any documentation anywhere about libeay32.dll

Anyone have any info??

Thanks ~ RLR
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