Problems with XAMPP and Vista

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Problems with XAMPP and Vista

Postby killgasm » 03. December 2007 13:20

I cant seem to get XAMPP to work on my desktop with Windows Vista! It just wont start the apache and MySQL services, and trying 'localhost' doesnt find a page.

Ive tried the manual install aswell and still have had no luck! Here is an image displaying my problem.

You can see how my control panel looks after trying to start apache and MySQL. Also, you can see how entering localhost into a web browser does not bring up the default XAMPP page.

I've also been sure to not install it under Program Files

Has anyone else had this problem??
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i m having the same prob on vista !

Postby alladeen » 06. December 2007 12:10 is workin but http://localhost is not :(
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Postby gambler » 09. December 2007 00:49

I am having a similar problem.

It looks like it may have something to do with multiple hosts being open at once.

Also, make sure that UAC is off.
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Postby jawa500 » 14. December 2007 00:57

I have a similar problem with http://localhost not working but working fine.

I have Vista Home Premium, XAMPPLITE 1.63a and Firefox (also tried IE 7)

Everything was fine when I last used it over a week ago but localhost is broken today.

The only thing I can think of that would have affected this were 10 automatic Vista updates that were installed a few days ago.

One thing I did spot was that the Firefox status bar changed from "Waiting for localhost" to "waiting for" after a couple of seconds and then I got the message "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading".

I have no problem with now using but if anyone can shed any light as to why it is trying to find then I would be most interested.
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Disabled UAC to fix

Postby LeeHunter » 15. January 2008 18:49

I'd been using XAMPP on Vista for three or months without a problem. Yesterday it stopped working (I could run MySQL but Apache wouldn't start) and reinstalling or using the portable version from the desktop or thumbdrive didn't fix it.
The solution was to disable the User Access Control from the Control Panel.

It was probably an "improvement" introduced by a Windows automatic update.
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Postby LeeHunter » 15. January 2008 21:57

Actually after a little more investigation (the problem came back) it's looking like Skype might be the culprit as per this site: ... and-skype/
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