RESOLVED: Need to reset apache password

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RESOLVED: Need to reset apache password

Postby dweez » 03. December 2007 17:22

Hi, I installed and configured xampp last friday right at the end of the day. Today, I go to "admin" the site and I either can't think of the right username or the correct password. Is there a way to reset the passwords?

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Postby Izzy » 03. December 2007 22:50

To delete your old user/password login files if they exist go to:
xampp\security\ - delete-> xampp.users
xampp\security\ - delete-> .htpasswd
xampp\security\htdocs\ - delete-> .htaccess
xampp\htdocs\xampp\ - delete-> .htaccess

Try again to load http://localhost
Then if you want to set another password go to the Security menu item and follow the link to xamppsecurity.php

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Postby dweez » 04. December 2007 22:48

Thanks, that worked great.
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