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mod_ftp Binary

Postby Ehtyar » 15. November 2007 12:07

Hi all.
I've been using XAMPP for portable web development for some time now. I have been using SlimFTPd as opposed to FileZilla because it simply suits my needs better, but i have recently come across mod_ftp, a protocol module for apache that allows ftp transfers using apache's vast framework to support advanced features.
Unfortunately, due to its very recent transition from incubation to httpd there are no windows binaries of this module available yet. I spent just under 5 hours attempting to compile this module myself with no success, however it was my first attempt at compiling apache at all. I am hoping that someone with a little more experience in this area has already built this module, or is willing to give it a try for me, as i am unable to build it myself. If anyone is willing to help me out i would be very appreciative.

Thanks, Ehtyar.
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