mysql can't find errmsg.sys - but it's there!

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mysql can't find errmsg.sys - but it's there!

Postby johnmi » 07. November 2007 18:52

I'm using xampp1.6.4, quite happily on one machine together with a forum and blog.

I am trying to learn PHP & MySQL so I decided to install xampplite 1.6.4 on another machine so I can follow a tutorial, create php docs all over without interfering with the existing set-up. Using xampplite as I was only interested in apache, mysql and php.

downloaded a zip version and unzipped - no problem. Started apache-start.bat - fine. Then tried to start mysql with mysql-start.bat - failed with message:
"can't find d:\xampplite\mysql\share\english\errmsg.sys"

only problem is : the file exists. I followed this exact path and the file exists.

Thinking it was a problem with xampplite - I downloaded a fresh copy of xampp 1.6.4 and unzipped that. When I tried to fire up apache and mysql - same result!

xampp 1.6.4 runs fine on my other machine (under xp) This machine uses windows Me. Can that be the problem? If not - what's going on?

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Postby LooseCannon » 08. November 2007 15:48

Warning: Dumb question in coming!

I've no experience or ideas regarding xampplite, but just wanted to check that it's installed on the d:\ drive and not the c:\. Maybe c: is the default path and this affects the config.
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Postby johnmi » 08. November 2007 16:09

I've always been told 'there are no daft questions, only daft answers'

So I checked definitely drive D.

I got confused at first - having xampp on two machines, one on drive c, the other on drive d.
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