GD Lib Gakking

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GD Lib Gakking

Postby alfred3x » 01. September 2007 11:12

Has anyone else been having problems with the GD library in PHP? I tried installing the gallery project, and it would return an empty page when I tried uploading a picture. Finally I was so frustrated I decided to just create my own app.

Now I'm at the point of uploading the image file, and guess what? I'm also getting a blank page back! But I am getting an error message:

Code: Select all
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 31457280 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) in E:\Websites\jajaGallery\wc\codebase\code\pixadd.php on line 55

This is on the imagecreatejpeg() function. And that's just for a 2M file! I'm guessing there must be an error with the GD library in this instance of PHP.

I've got PHP version 5.2.1, and GD version 2.0.28. All this is running on Win2K.

Thanks for your help, and BTW, it's good to see Izzy's back.
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