MySQL Trouble

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MySQL Trouble

Postby themacosxguy » 06. August 2006 23:25

I've installed the XAMPP but MySQL seems to be missing. On the homepage under status it says MySQL is deactivated.

What's wrong here?
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Postby poncho_garza » 11. July 2007 09:31

I have the same issue, what is the problem?
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Postby hansman » 21. July 2007 01:29

did you start mysql?
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Postby jgvaughan » 22. July 2007 02:10

Yep, have MySQL started. I started it using the Xampp Control Panel.

Anyone gotten a positive response on correcting this problem?
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Same problem here!

Postby verney » 25. July 2007 01:45

I had the same problem, I installed XAMPP again and still nothing, then I downloaded and installed MySQL and XAMPP started working!
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Postby stuzog » 22. August 2007 18:42

I've found that after I ran the security program, xampp showed SQL as deactivated, although it is still working as clicking on the examples shows. There's a note in the Status page that the status may not be accurately reflected.

To get SQL to work, you have to set up the correct databases and populate their tables, as an install of xampp starts with an empty MySQL database. Do this through the phpAdmin panel -- it works very reliably.

Remember to change your import file to reflect whether you're running stuff locally or on another server, for example a WordPress blog.
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Postby nierop » 02. November 2007 11:09

I would like to mention that I also have this same problem of mySQL being deactivated.

I was very carefull during installation (on OS X 10.5 leopard):

1. inactivated built-in OS X apache server
2. uninstalled previous mysql installation
3. removed any occurences of the my.cnf file of mysql
4. reboot
5. Installed XAMPP

After starting of XAMPP the mysql server shows up as deactivated in the xampp status screen.

Installing mysql separatelty from xampp solved the problem for me.

However, I feel that this is not the intended way for XAMPP.

Regards, Pim
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