Can't access server on the Internet- Please help me!!

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Can't access server on the Internet- Please help me!!

Postby guyromb » 25. June 2007 18:38

I am using Xampp 1.6.1 For Windows on windows xp professional.
Why can I access my website from the server or from my local network, but I can't access it from elsewhere on the Internet?
And i know surely that my ISP doesn't block the 80's port...

I have One Level Router... and i configure that all ports will be opened and i allowed access in the Internet to the server...
I don't have Firewall installed execpt for Windows xp firewall that i already disabled

oo.. i installed Xampp on my other Pc and it works fine, i uninstall cuse i must move my server to other pc.

Thanks :?:
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Static or dynamic IP address

Postby Snoopy.pa30 » 28. June 2007 01:56


Do you have a static or dyanmic ip address?

Are you forwarding the router port to the internal network ip address correctly?

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Postby johnd » 28. June 2007 03:23

im guessing if your running a router your ip is static - as mine is.

i had a similar problem to this and found that the problem was the windows xp firewall

even though i was 100% sure the firewall was unblocked lol

what i did was

1. control Panel > windows firewall
2. click "exceptions" tab
3. if "Apache HTTP server" is there or something like this delete it
4. locate "Apache.exe" and execute it

this should course windows xp to ask the question to allow or block it

this worked for me
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Postby guyromb » 29. June 2007 18:20

Thanks guys, but i decide to make the server or my other PC :) that's work fine..
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