Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Pro SP-2

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Postby DonRot » 31. March 2007 14:30

Hello guys!
I just solve this problem...somehow.

I got same problem with apache (Busy. . . ERROR Apache service not started [-1]).

I try to delete XAMPP directory. Before that you must kill apache process in windows task manager.

Then I tried to install xampp again, but with no luck. It did not work again.
Back to beginning.

Before new installation of xampp, open registry, and carefully delete all keys where apache is mentioned. Be careful. Don't erase LEGACY_APACHE2.

After that restart your computer.

Now install xampp again...and its working! Yeeeee!

I hope that will solve your problem.
English plz!
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Easy Fix

Postby lev5c » 16. May 2007 19:54

I was having the same problem for the last few days. I think I found an easier fix.

Start the xampp control panel...
Go to Settings --> SCM
In Services (Local) right-click Apache2 --> Properties
Change Startup Type to "Manual"

That's It! I fixed the MySQL DB the same way, now they both start just fine. Hope that helps!
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Postby b3n » 17. May 2007 16:05

I have the same problem.

The control panel doesn't work at all and I get the same errors as everyone else when I try to start Apache.

If I run xampp_start.exe from C:\xampp then my localhost and phpMyAdmin work.
But I don't want these crappy DOS windows open all the time - I have enough windows open as it is.

when I installed 1.6.1, I did so over the top of my previous installation. I wasn't sure if I was meant to upgrade that way, but I couldn't find anything saying not to so I went ahead. Really wish I hadn't now.
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Postby b3n » 17. May 2007 16:36

I deleted Apache from the registry (also everything that referenced my old Xampp installation).

Now after re-installing Xampp 1.6.1 Apache starts from the control panel! :)

BUT now MySQL wont start! :(

I tried what lev5c said but it just wont start.

I don't understand about Services or anything but I noticed that Apache is not listed as a Service (under SCM) but mysql is. For this mysql Service, the "Path to Executable" is pointing to my old Xampp installatoin!

"C:\Program Files\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt.exe"

But I can't edit that value. How can I change it to the proper value? Or should I jsut delete the mysql service? I didn't say to install it as a service when I installed xampp.

If I run mysql_start.bat from C:\xampp then MySQL works.

EDIT #2:
I noticed that the "Svc" tickbox was ticked for MySQL in the xampp control panel. I unticked it and now I can start/stop from the panel and everything works! Yay! :P
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Postby lyntuan » 20. May 2007 14:38

Please use AMPstart to start mysql and apache instead of Xampp control panel. You do not need to care about the path name of Xampp.

Hope this helps.
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similar but different problem with apache not starting

Postby BogusAurelius » 22. May 2007 04:30

microsoft xp system, event log says apache event id 3299.
says it is looking to read and cannot read bin/conf/httpd.conf file. The conf directory is in apache/conf
and bin is apache/bin so there is no apache/bin/conf directory.
I was able to successfully install before however, so I know the thing could be set up ok. I had to do some changes to file attributes, and then the whole thing broke and I removed ( uninstalled) and re installed and this is now the norm...
mysql starts ok, filezilla apparently also ok.
I am using an older version of the win installer to be compatible with zen cart . version 1.4.16 win installer. is there a known bug with that installer?
why is apache looking for its config file in the stated directory.
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Postby Pachat » 26. February 2008 08:40

I had the same problem.

Looking at the registry, on "xampp" and found
Code: Select all
C:\Program Files\xampp
instead of
Code: Select all
where I put xampp

I uninstalled, reinstalled (properly) and reboot,
and it works like a charm now :D
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excellent thread

Postby paskainos » 08. April 2008 06:22

[obviously] i had the same problem. with all the clear concise info, you guys all helped me solve it. short answer: found directory info from previous failed install, which was misattributed to current install - hence, mysql not starting, pointing to wrong directory.

thanks guys, nice work
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Re: Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Pro SP-2

Postby sdijakovic » 13. February 2009 15:23

in reference to the post of 31. March 2007 14:30 by DonRot I will add that the road is correct. I looked to all the Apache references in the Registry and fount one that took me out of the hole:
In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Apache2.2. I had the following key:
ImagePath REG_EXPAND_SZ "h:\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe" - k runservice
which was referring to some previous installation. Now, I only changed this to reflect the current installation drive and bingo!
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Re: Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Pro SP-2

Postby Izzy » 13. February 2009 22:05

XAMPP doesn't make any entries in the registry and what you have there is an old Windows service entry that should have been removed after uninstalling the apache service, but it failed to be removed.

If you had deleted the entry, it would have done the same thing and allowed you to proceed.

Also running sc delete apache2.2 from a command prompt may also have deleted it and allowed you to proceed.

The above would also apply if a sticking MySQL entry was not removed after uninstalling a mysql service.

An XAMPP component running as a service will start that component after a PC reboot.

This is only possible if Windows adds those instructions to the registry and so if those entries are removed from the registry by running an uninstall service command, then the component will not start after a reboot which would in turn mean the component would need to be started manually.
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Re: Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Home SP-3

Postby cliffadams » 03. March 2009 09:51

Has this been reported somewhere as a bug? One would hope so. Now, after 2 years since the first comment in this thread, this is still happening.

This problem came up for me after everything on Xampp was working fine. Upon booting up one fine day the MySQL Start button on the Xampp Control Panel stopped working with the "ERROR, MySQL Service not started [-1]". I also did the C:\xampp\mysql_start.bat hat trick and just left the window open, but it's not terribly satisfying.

Then Apache itself stopped working, with the "Busy", then "Apache service started", and nothing starts. All ports are free, thanks for the suggestion above. The same kludgy C:\xampp\xampp_restart solution works. It would be great if the software were fixed so that this didn't happen.
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Re: Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Pro SP-2

Postby az_critter » 08. March 2009 20:00

I had the same problem with my Apache after installation. I checked all the resources and couldn't find the answer, but after checking the readme in the control panel, I found an uninstall for the Apache. I tried it, and it worked.

Here's what you do;

1. Go to your Apache folder in your xampp folder. Mine is located at C:\Program Files\xampp\apache.

2. Once inside your apache folder, open the file named "apache_uninstallservice.bat".
This file will uninstall apache service.

3. Then in the same apache folder, open the file named "apache_installservice.bat".
This file will restart your apache.

Now it should work, as this is how I fixed mine. :)

Maybe someone will add this fix to the questions and answers page of the site. ;)
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Re: Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Pro SP-2

Postby Izzy » 08. March 2009 23:57

az_critter wrote:3. Then in the same apache folder, open the file named "apache_installservice.bat".
This file will restart your apache.
This will install Apache as a service again and may not actually start Apache which may need to be started from the XAMPP Control Panel (XCP) or by running the apache_start.bat file - all these controls are contained within the XCP also and remember that some may not require Apache to run as a service.

BTW this fix would not need to be added to the Q&A because it is usually the result of those users who do not read and follow the simple install and uninstall instruction supplied - especially those who uninstall and reinstall many times without first making sure they have stopped and uninstalled any XAMPP components first and before deleting the xampp folder as is contained in the readme_en.txt file - this and many more fixes are easily found by searching this forum.
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Re: Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Pro SP-2

Postby Waltzy » 03. April 2009 05:52

hey, anyone who is having this same problem, Skype uses the ports that it needs.
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Re: Can't Start Apache in WinXP-Pro SP-2

Postby balaji » 08. May 2009 04:11

The solution is:
Go to the Services window (Control Panel - Administrative tools - Services)

Check the Apache listing there (mine is Apache2.2). See if the status is disabled. If it is right click on your Apache listing and go to properties. Change the start up type to Automatic or Manual as you require.
Click on apply or ok.

Then when you are back in the services window you can start the service right here by right clicking and the Start or else you can start the service from the Control Panel

Note : This will work only if your port is not in use by any other service/application

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