md5 Checksum Error due install

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md5 Checksum Error due install

Postby Cheffilet » 16. May 2007 18:14

Hi there,
as you recognize from a previous posting by another solaris user, i´ve got currently the same problem at install time (running the install script).

Im retriving following error message:
Code: Select all
Checking integrity of XAMPP files... (this may take a moment)
xampp-solaris-0.8.2(2).sh: /tmp/xampp-md5sum-2063: Ausführen nicht möglich
MD5 checksum failed: XAMPP files corrupt.

So, i suppose that belongs to a transfer error due uploading the installation script from windows to solaris.

As far i can see, the issue invokes also by downloading directly this file by the wget command from the solaris console.

After downloading the install script (, i getting a md5 checksum error like above.

I have no idea, why...
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Re: md5 Checksum Error due install

Postby essam_h_z » 16. November 2011 21:21

If your copying the installation file through ftp client you should select Binary copy
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