file security/properties

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file security/properties

Postby skyeriquelme » 11. May 2007 05:39

I have installed the learning program Moodle within my XAMPP server and also have LANS teaching software installed. To integrate them I need to install a file in .../moodle/mods - all that goes well, then moodle gives the messgae that it can´t write to the moodle-lans (it doesn´t say if it is the file or the folder). The moodle-lans folder is marked as "read-only" and it won´t change when I try to change file properties. Has this something to do with XAMPP security or is it a basic WIndows (XP) problem.

Sorry if this is very basic question. All the help information doesn´t explain why I can´t change the folder properties.

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File Properties

Postby Snoopy.pa30 » 28. May 2007 22:36


I too am working on Moodle. I have it up and running and am working on the backup issues now.

Not sure what LANS is, but will google it after I finish this message.

In Win XP, I assume that you are using an Administrator Level User to try and change the file/directory properties, if not....

What version of XP, XAMPP, Moodle are you using?

Occasionally I have had to re-bot system, make property changes, and re-boot again to get things to work.

I know these are simple suggestions, but that is all I can think of now.

Hope it helps, or more details might spark more responses.

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