LDAP module for WAMPP

Was sollte alles noch in XAMPP rein? Was kommt definitiv bald? Was kommt so bald wie möglich, dauert nur noch etwas? Was kommt wahrscheinlich nicht rein?

LDAP module for WAMPP

Postby ami6 » 06. February 2004 14:07

...would be really cool... As many directory services today use LDAP, it is quite difficult if not impossible to find a suitable workaround to access LDAP servers without LDAP WAMPP implementation...

So "Wunschzettel" = LDAP module for WAMPP

Thanks in advance!

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Postby careck » 06. February 2004 14:14

Da ich schon am Wünschen bin:

LDAP finde ich auch cool, ich bin auch dafür!

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Postby Oswald » 06. February 2004 16:34

I'm not a WAMPP expert but I assume the following steps will work:

Step 1

Find your php.ini. There are existing more than one in XAMPP. So you've to find the right one. It depends on the way you're starting Apache: as service or manually.

Step 2

Find the line


Remove the ; at the beginning of the line.

Step 3

Restart Apache.

That's all. As far as I know. But as I mentioned befor: I'm not a WAMPP expert. ;)

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