Was sollte alles noch in XAMPP rein? Was kommt definitiv bald? Was kommt so bald wie möglich, dauert nur noch etwas? Was kommt wahrscheinlich nicht rein?


Postby grzchr15 » 21. November 2008 11:55

The XAMPP team included this module in previous versions.
Thanks for your efforts so far.
LoadModule auth_remote_module modules/

In 1.6.8 its is not existing any more.

Do we have a chance to get it again?
We have multiple xampp installations and we secured it with mod_auth_remote so that we had only a single location to maintain username/passwords with other authentication modules.

After some googling:
But ist seems that the last version available is for apache2.2.3

Windows port by Guenter Knauf <

This is a patch found:

It would be nice if this module could be used again with apache.2.2.9

As we have no chance to compile the XAMPP package by ourselves, please help here.
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