SheBang won't work!

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SheBang won't work!

Postby Sakmor » 23. March 2010 15:56

Hi guys, I was running a very simple perl program:

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print 'Hello world.';

Very very simple program to output Hello World, it works under the console but not under my browser, it gives me " Internal Server Error "!

Anything wring with my Shebang, i didn't changed anything to the installation, default installation, except when I choosed Yes for the device driver i think!
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Re: SheBang won't work!

Postby Nobbie » 23. March 2010 23:09

You should specify a full path (not only a part of it) including a drive letter.

Another question: what the hell is the reason for the blindness of many people (like you), that writes into the german part of this forum instead of the english part? Are you interested in a german answer?!
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