Wording: MariaDB vs. MySQL

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Wording: MariaDB vs. MySQL

Postby stecgn » 04. February 2021 18:02

Hi Folks,

I am just wondering, since 2015 MariaDB is used in XAMPP - but every where you read MySQL, not Maria-DB - even in the Installation routine of XAMPP you don't see MariaDB but MySQL.

Is that for some reasons? I don't know any PHP developer who is saying "MariaDB" - is MySQL just used as a synonym for all Databases, or is there another reason?

Thanks, ste
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Re: Wording: MariaDB vs. MySQL

Postby Nobbie » 05. February 2021 11:43

I think its because it was MySql for a long time and MariaDB is a binary replacement from the same developer. Even the filenames like "mysql" for the command interpreter and "mysqld" for the server still relates to MySql.

But actually MySql as project has been overtaken by Oracle, therefore MariaDB (a fork) has been developed. By the way, "My" and "Maria" are the names of the two daughters of the main swedish developer Michael Widenius.
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