About Dump and Swap linux

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About Dump and Swap linux

Postby borgesrsbr » 10. August 2019 20:46

Hi, guys good evening ..

I have a MariaDB version in 10.3.14-MariaDB and I use Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 version.

Well, I'm DBA oracle and I should create a replication for my Zabbix server. I wrote the FAQ about "how to" and no have problem with de steps but.....in my principal server, I have a specific problem ....

My memory allocate is 29gb and Swap I have 2,14 GB. And the problems begin in this step:
mysqldump -u root -p zabbix --quick --single-transaction --master-data > /data

I need to export the Zabbix database/owner anyway and after this create the standby Zabbix server, but when I start the dump process ( I discovered that the final dump its near 80GB )

After 30 minutes and size 45GB the process of consuming all swap memory...

My question.

Does anyone have the idea about how I complete this step?

Best regards

Marco Borges
Oracle 12c DBA.,
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