Update MariaDB to 10.2.x

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Update MariaDB to 10.2.x

Postby speedy8727 » 08. December 2018 13:45

MariaDB 10.2 supports the native JSON data type. I know I could change the JSON data column to text. But I have to work on a project with other developers that are using JSON_CONTAINS() and other json related queries. Is there a reason why XAMPP comes with MariaDB 10.1.x?
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Re: Update MariaDB to 10.2.x

Postby Nobbie » 09. December 2018 14:23

Probably Bitnami does not have the manpower always to deliver the newest releases. Wait and see, MariaDB will be updated somewhere in the future. You also may join Bitnami and help them.
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Re: Update MariaDB to 10.2.x

Postby Amiganer » 28. December 2018 16:09

You can update by yourself if you install mariaDB 10.2 in the directory.
But be aware: After a while the innodb engine get's corrupt and can not be repaired. So I keep 10.1, this runs best.

Bye, Christian
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