Join clause in 2 different enviroments

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Join clause in 2 different enviroments

Postby faustopala » 02. December 2018 17:44

Hi All,

My name is Fausto, and I'm a developer with some experience in Teradata and sqlserver. i have an issue during executing a easy query on my local enviroment on windows 10 on a physical laptop. My table A have around 5M records and my table B only 2K records, I would like to have all the records from table B with some columns from Table A if there is a match this means a Left outer join; the join clause is made on a indexed column in table A, and when I explain the query it show me the correctness as expected and when executed the query, i got the answer in 3 seconds. The issue came out when i move xampp from my windows 10 to Windows server 2016, and the same query does not use the index, and do a Full table scan producing the same answer in more than 3 minutes probably more(after 3 minutes i kill out the process).

Is there any incomptatibility with windows server 2016? or i'm missing any configuration?

Hope you can help me!.

Kind Regards.
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