MySQL Error Code 13

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MySQL Error Code 13

Postby Kessler_Pascal » 22. October 2015 15:02

Hey There,

i am writing an Application in Java which should get Information over a JNDI Connection with JDBC Driver from Database.

Mostly everything works fine, but sometimes, random which query i do i get an error,

java.sql.SQLException: Error on delete of 'C:\MysqlServer\tmp\#sql2250_1_19.MYI' (Errcode: 13 - Permission denied).
the owner of this File is Administrator but the Owner of the Directory and all other Files is my User.

Permission denied it says, but i have full Permission at this directory.

I tried many things but nothing helped. :shock:
I changed the owner of this directory. :?
I changed the read-only button in properties in this directory. :cry:
I changed the queries in Java, but nothing helped. :evil:

I'm at the End. :twisted:

Do anyone can help me?


Pascal Keßler
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