Importing original and new database

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Importing original and new database

Postby RakiZtahX » 16. October 2013 16:43

I have a database named patients.sql and already imported in the phpmyadmin or mysql workbench and I'm using WAMP server. I just created 1 table in the patients.sql with 1 data for testing. The primary key is set to auto increment so it's INT.

Now I import another patients.sql with same structure but with additional data (5). I want the first database imported with 1 data to be updated to have a 6 data but how can I do that? I'm using phpmyadmin to import database and I checked the "Ignore multiple statement errors".

Basically, I want the 1st database to be updated with 2nd database with just the new data and ignore the same data.
Please help i'll appreciate any help.
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