mysql "process terminated unexpectedly"

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mysql "process terminated unexpectedly"

Postby avanutri » 22. November 2011 13:09


I have a computer where I get always the "process terminated unexpectedly" error when I try to run the MySQL service (any no-xampp mysql).
But I've noticed that when I try to install the mysql server within the xampp, this error doesn't occur. I don't even have a remote idea about why this happens.

After, I tried this: I stopped the mysql service and I registered a new service called "myavanutri" - using the mysqld from xampp and the "sc create" command. What happened? The service didn't started! So I tried to restart the mysql service from xampp, and it worked again.

Why? What xampp does to make its service work without any errors? What's the difference? I need to know how can I do the same with another mysql installation.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: mysql "process terminated unexpectedly"

Postby JonB » 22. November 2011 22:14

I need to know how can I do the same with another mysql installation.

ON the same machine or some machine that is not running XAMPP?


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Re: mysql "process terminated unexpectedly"

Postby Sharley » 23. November 2011 00:20

Your issue is caused by you installing MySQL in XAMPP as a Windows service ie. start MySQL when Windows boots.
(Not needed in most XAMPP installations).

If you installed XAMPP's MySQL as a Windows service by putting a tick in the box under Svc or a green tick under the Modules services column, if using version 3 control panel xampp-control-3-beta found in the xampp installation folder, then your other instance of MySQL will not be able to start using port 3306.

If you want to start the other MySQL then XAMPP's MySQL has to be stopped and the Windows service uninstalled by unchecking the Svc box or clicking on the green tick in CP3 and then answer the question to have the MySQL Windows service uninstalled.

Once this has been completed then you will be able to start one MySQL instance at a time only, then Stop that instance before trying to Start the other.

Do not use the Svc box or the green tick in the XAMPP control panels to start MySQL, use only the Start/Stop button when available.
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