Questions concerning MySql

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Questions concerning MySql

Postby GeertVc » 01. December 2003 20:52


First quesion:

I just downloaded the latest version of Xampp (version 1.2). I've installed it on a PC running Win XP Pro.

The Apache server seems to work, since I'm able to see the welcome page. I can also run simple php scripts, a prove the server is indeed working fine.

For MySql, however, I do have a problem when I change the datadir to another then the default location.

When I run 'mysql_start.bat' with an unmodified datadir in the my.ini file (I've renamed it and put it in the Windows directory), then I have the mysql service running and I can submit mysql commands.
So, these settings are working:
basedir = D:/WinApps/WebTools/xampp/mysql
datadir = D:/WinApps/WebTools/xampp/mysql/data

When I give another datadir, however, the server only runs for max. 1 second and 'dies' again. Then I have the following settings for my directories:
basedir = D:/WinApps/WebTools/xampp/mysql
datadir = E:/_Data/MySql

This doesn't work...

Anyone any idea?

I just want this datadir, because I have databases located in this directory from a previous mysql installation.

Second question:

In stead of messing around with the batch files, why not simply using the winmysqladmin.exe program? It's part of the package. I used it before with my previous MySql installations and it worked fine. I'm using it now again and that saves me quite a bit of clicks. Is there any good reason to use the batch files instead?

Thanks in advance for any useful answer.


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Postby guybrush82 » 02. December 2003 14:44


My English is not the best, bu I try!

just put your "old" databases into the "data" directory (xampp/mysql/data)
this should work, too.

in my eyes there is no need to use the mysql_start.bat ! I usually use to install mysql as a service. (xampp/mysql/mysql_installservice.bat) so you never have to start mysql manually.

did i help you? write back! :-)
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Postby GeertVc » 02. December 2003 21:16


Sure you helped me. Although I don't like the idea of putting my data to another place, I think I have no other option for the moment. I've indeed seen that it worked this way.

About the mysql_start.bat: I also don't use it anymore. I've seen there's indeed a better way to start up the mysql server by using the install service as you mentioned.

So, yes you certainly helped me! :wink:


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